Aren’t You Tired Of Partisan Politics, Instead Of Relevant, Viable Solutions

Although, American politics, and the ensuing system, has always been, somewhat, partisan, never, in recent memory, have we witnessed, as much adversarial, polarizing, non – productive evidence/ proof, of this, as we are presently, witnessing, and experiencing! Not only does this, create a stale – mate, and create, very little productivity, in a relevant, sustainable manner, but, these past few years, has created a degree of polarization, which is, also, dangerous, and counter – productive! It seems, in nearly every case, even when it seems, common sense, would dictate taking action, sooner, rather than later, the same challenges, remain addressed, because, there appears to be little willingness, to reach, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good! In the past, even, though, there was partisan politics, public officials, on both side, often, were willing, to reach – across – the – aisle, to address the most urgent priorities/ needs. Aren’t you, sick – and – tired, of partisan politics, instead of relevant, viable solutions? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, 4 examples, and what, we should be concerned, about.

1. 2017 Tax “reform”: President Trump, and his Republican allies, celebrated, passing, this, so – called, 2017 tax “reform” legislation, proclaiming how great it was for all Americans, supposedly, especially, the middle – class! We soon realized, if we didn’t know, before, this change, predominantly, benefited, the wealthiest Americans, and largest corporations, and did, little for most middle – class people. In some cases, there was a slight reduction, but, often, there was little, to no change, or, actually created higher taxes, especially, for those, in states, with higher, state and local taxes, or SALT. Few believe, it was, a coincidence, these states, predominantly, were not supportive of Trump, and his priorities!

2. Lack of a sustainable policy: In terms of sustainability, the world, and our nation, must protect the environment, and realize, Climate Change, is real, and a potential challenge/ danger! In addition, much of this nation’s infrastructure, is weak, and/ or, crumbling, and, even during the current economic crisis, largely caused, as a by – product of this dangerous, horrific pandemic, where dedicating efforts, to upgrading the infrastructure, and, creating a relevant source of employment, which might benefit, the longer – term priorities, and needs, of this nation!

3. Trump’s Dangerous/ Deadly Pandemic Response: Although, the virus, was not this President’s fault, his combination of denying it, calling it a hoax, and refusing to encourage others, to use common sense, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing, made it worse! Trump’s response, and his political allies, refusal, to put policy and public health, ahead of politics, probably, significantly, increased the number of cases, and deaths, and largely, explains, why, although, the United States, has only about 4.5% of the world’s population, we have witnessed, about a quarter of the cases, and over one – fifth of the fatalities!

4. Economic game – playing: Smoke – and – mirrors, may create economic numbers, which a politician, might point – to, for personal/ political benefit, etc, but, even, before the pandemic, were largely, creating, a Gross Domestic Product, which seemed far better, than actual, largely because, of the impact of, pumping the trillion dollar deficit, into the economy, and the Federal Reserve, maintaining, artificially, low – interest rates, which make the stock market, the only – game, in – town!

Wake up, America, and demand, better, and more, from public officials, and, that, they put common sense, and the greater good, ahead of politics, etc! It’s up to us!